Attention to Detail: The Classical Music Listening Guide

Listening Tips: Modern and Contemporary Music

November 14, 2020

We finish our series on era-specific listening tips by exploring the most challenging and diverse sub-genre of classical music, Modern/Contemporary music! Modern music often proves to be especially challenging for new listeners, and can be a big turn-off at classical concerts, but we are here to give you five tips that will help to better understand and appreciate listening to music from this fantastic era!

Tip 1: Listen with an open mind (4:06)

Tip 2: Appreciating the tonality-atonality spectrum (8:00)

Tip 3: Hearing rhythmic figures and gestures (18:48)

Tip 4: Noticing different sound qualities and colors (24:28)

Tip 5: Asking yourself philosophical, abstract questions that are provoked by the music (30:18)

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